Frequently asked questions

Who are dedicated virtual assistants?

A virtual assistant is a contract or an employee who provides support services to clients. They typically have an administrative background, but not always: many assistants can perform marketing or sales-related tasks. Most virtual assistants work from their home or co-working and carry out their tasks remotely.

How do you find the right match?

We use a multi-step process to screen assistants and find the best match for each customer. This process includes a detailed phone interview, and a pre-call with a potential employer to ensure users are matched with the right assistant. In the unlikely event that our suggested assistant isn’t quite right for you, we’ll keep working until we find the perfect fit. In any case, you can always change your assistant, free of charge, if your needs change.

How do plans work?

Your plan will include a set number of hours, covering the work your assistant will do for you. Your plan will renew automatically every month. You can easily change your plan or add extra hours to cover busy months.

Does overtime come with added charges?

There is no additional charge for additional hours. Both the dedicated assistant and the user must agree on any increases. Users can hire additional assistants as needed.

How do I know what my assistant has done for me?

Your assistant keeps a running total of time (by the second) spent on your tasks. You can access it at any time by visiting your dashboard.

What if my assistant goes on vacation or gets sick?

Each of our assistants has a backup team that can switch seamlessly and continue working on your task.

What education do the assistants have?

In fact, most of the assistants are college-educated, but some of them even come from the top universities in the country.

Is InTempo suitable for one-off tasks or projects?

Yes, you can purchase as many hours as you need to get your project done.

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